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A million starts with you.


A Million Starts with One

Transforming the world starts with one. One visionary. One innovator. One person … like you. In 5 years, Amare will be in a million homes all around the world. Creating ripple effects of positive change. A million realities transformed from the inside out. You may not even realize it’s happening, but it’s happening.

A million starts with one. A million starts with you. #MarchToAMillion


Award-winning Innovation

Our clinically-validated, award-winning products target the gut-brain axis (GBX) with sustainably sourced ingredients that help to reverse the damage caused by unhealthy lifestyles, toxic foods, and outdated perceptions of mental and physical health. We support farmers who are doing it right — no pesticides, no deforestation, just potent ingredients that help to reveal our true potential.

Disrupt with Love

Amare is a global community of disruptors in the making. This starts with the best quality products that target a universal need in society — mental wellness — but it doesn’t end there. We are driven by a vision to disrupt the trajectory of human potential for the better. That might sound grandiose, but that’s really what we’re all about. And it starts with love. Everywhere Amare goes, lives improve in transformative ways. Imagine all the ways that potential will manifest in the world.

"If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities."

-Maya Angelou

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